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Residential Electrical Inspector Services

Get your Whole Home Safe and Sound Electrical Inspection from a professionally trained TAP and Son’s residential electrical inspector to ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and efficient. We can complete an electrical panel inspection and ensure your home is ready for improvements or let you know what electrical updates will be needed to make the changes you want.

​The Whole Home Safe and Sound Electrical Inspection is a comprehensive inspection to check the overall electrical health of your home. During this inspection, your electrician will be looking to make sure you have:

  • GFI devices in multiple areas, including but not limited to, your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Proper circuits present with certain devices such as microwaves
  • Properly working smoke detectors that are interconnected
  • Proper ventilation with exhaust fans
  • Proper conductors and fuses for your A/C and heating
  • No faulty or hazardous wiring in the attic

Contact us today for your whole home safe and sounds inspection and we'll send our trained residential electrical inspectors right away!