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Phoenix Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

Especially in the Summertime, everybody is looking for an escape from Arizona’s hot and dry climate. Having a functioning ceiling fan is essential when you’re trying to stay cool; it can even help reduce energy costs on the days when you may not need your A/C unit. Nobody knows this better than TAP and Sons Electric – we’ve been providing services for ceiling fan installation and repair in Phoenix for over 50 years, and we are proud to continue to serve the community to this day.

All our Phoenix ceiling fan installation and repair services are done by professionally qualified residential electricians who will provide exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. TAP and Sons Electric installation and ceiling fan repair services in Phoenix, AZ are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we don’t want you to go a weekend or night without the ability to stay cool.

TAP and Sons Is Thrilled To Offer The Following Ceiling Fan Repair & Installation Services in Phoenix, AZ

  1. New Ceiling Fan Installations
  2. Electrical & Ceiling Fan Repairs
  3. Electrical & Ceiling Fan Replacements 

In our 50+ years of experience, we’ve run across everything that could go wrong, so our electricians have the skills, and know-how to quickly resolve any issues. TAP and Sons Electric should be your go-to for ceiling fan repair or installation in Phoenix.

Why Do I Need to Have an Electrician Install my Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fan installation & repair in Phoenix is worth doing right! TAP and Son's Electric will be able to provide any type of mount to fit the style your home deserves:

  • Various Ceiling Fan Mounts
  • Extended: for high ceilings
  • Flush: no space between motor and ceiling
  • Standard: a few inches between motor and ceiling
  • Sloped: for angled ceilings
  • Outdoor: designed for a damp environment

A quality ceiling fan is the perfect accessory for any room because they’re both decorative and functional. Call us today if you need a repair or ceiling fan installed in your Phoenix residence!

Ceiling Fan Fact

​Which way should the ceiling fan rotate?: During winter months the blades should turn in a clockwise motion this will pull the warm air down. During summer months the blades should be turning in a counter-clockwise motion to produce a breeze effect.