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Commercial Solar Lighting Installation in Phoenix

Solar Lighting Solutions in Phoenix

​At TAP and Sons Electric, we offer expert commercial solar lighting installation in Phoenix. Our team of expert electricians can handle jobs of any type, and we routinely serve HOAs, condo associations, restaurants, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes. From initial planning and installation to the maintenance of solar lighting solutions for Phoenix commercial properties, TAP and Sons Electric is the company that’s always here to help.

Why Choose Our Electrical Company for Solar Lighting Solutions?

Thinking about investing in our commercial solar outdoor lighting installation services? Not sure if you want to invest in solar lights at your property? Here are just a few benefits of working with TAP and Sons Electric in Phoenix:

  • Plentiful sunshine – Don’t let the hot Phoenix sun go to waste! Solar lights catch and store light, using it at night and often requiring no grid connections at all.
  • Lower power bills – Harnessing the power of the sun means you can reduce your overall energy consumption and power bills, saving money for your organization.
  • Environmentally-friendly – Efficient, powerful solar lights in Phoenix are very eco-friendly since they last a long time and require no external power sources
  • Unbeatable versatility – Our company can install a wide variety of commercial outdoor solar lighting in Phoenix, from walkway lights to floodlights, entrance lighting, pool and patio lighting, courtyard lighting and so much more.

At TAP and Sons Electric, our highly-trained electricians will help you plan and install any type of solar lighting solution that will enhance your outdoor commercial area.

Parking Lots / Parking Structures

​Installing solar lights is cost-effective because you are not paying for trenching, wiring or electrical connection. Solar-powered lights are also a great solution when replacing existing outdoor lighting. Solar lighting will work throughout the night and in all weather conditions creating a more comfortable and secure environment. TAP and Son’s licensed, bonded, and insured electricians service Phoenix and the surrounding cities.

Pathway / Trail Systems / Roadways & Streets

​Because of their remote locations, trails and pathways have limited access to the power grid. Solar lights provide an environmentally safe option for parks, pathways, landscaping and other areas where the natural environment is not to be disrupted. Solar lights are a perfect choice to illuminate the area in order to increase safety and security. Our company’s experienced and licensed electricians in the Phoenix area are skilled in Commercial Solar Lighting Installation.

Community Entrance Signs / Security

Solar lighting installed by TAP and Son’s electricians is also the perfect outdoor solar lighting solution for community entrance signs and property security. Add solar lighting to your neighborhood entrance signs without running electricity out to them. The additional site illumination aids in safety, detecting trespassers and enhancing community life. With faster installation than traditional hard-wired lighting solutions, TAP and Son’s Phoenix-Metro electricians can have your solar lighting solutions up and running in no time.

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With our years of expertise in solar power, diverse selection of lighting products, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust TAP and Sons Electric to handle your next commercial installation job. Contact us online or give us a call at (480) 507-2900 to schedule an appointment now.

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