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Commercial Lighting & Surge Protection Device Installation


We can help you protect your investment with our Phoenix electrical and outdoor lighting power surge protection installation services. TAP and Son’s has teamed up with SIEMENS to deliver quality surge protection.

Surge protection is meant to protect your equipment from power surges that can shorten their lifespan. Protect your valuable electrical equipment from power surges which can ruin appliances or crash hard drives and modems with the help of the experienced and trained professionals of TAP and Son’s.

TAP and Son’s Electric Commercial Surge Protection Installation Benefits:

  • SES surge protection for your business
  • Outdoor Lighting Surge Protection
  • Arc Fault Protection
  • GFI Protection
  • And many more

SES Surge Services Include:

  • Surge Protection Install
  • Surge Protection Replace

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is surge protection important?

We provide Phoenix Lighting and Surge Protection Device installation because surge protection for your company is a must have in Arizona. As a state, Arizona has some of the most intense lightning storms in the country which can cause a surge of power that has the potential to destroy everything from your computers to your large machinery – basically anything you have plugged in is susceptible.

Beside lightning, what may cause a power surge?

A malfunction to anything plugged in at your property could cause a power surges: a faulty switch, office equipment, etc.

What is the worst thing that could happen?​

Imagine every piece of electrical equipment that you have plugged in at your facility getting a large surge of power and it being rendered useless. You’d be down for at least a day and the hard cost to replace the machines alone could be devastating. The work you were contracted to have completed or shipped that day…’s not going to happen.

Contact TAP and Son’s today so this never happens to you, we have teamed up with the best engineers to establish a surge that will protect every point of your business. It’s far less expensive to invest a small amount now and gain the protection you need. Let TAP and Son’s experienced, licensed electricians save you from ever having to deal with a power surge at your company. We are your premier resource for Phoenix electrical & outdoor lighting power surge protection device installation services.