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Prolonged power outages can cause major disruptions in your home or business, from food spoilage, interrupting business operations, equipment failure, loss of climate control, and more electrical outages can be quite the headache. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prepare for a power outage, whether it lasts for a few minutes or several hours.

What Determines a Power Outage?

Blackouts are not necessarily caused by power outages. A simple power surge or spike can cause electrical interruptions that may appear like a normal outage. This often occurs when your electrical system is dysfunctional.

The best tip on how to prepare for a power outage is to have a professional electrician inspect your home or business’s electrical system to ensure it’s working correctly. Meanwhile, use these power preparation tips to keep your place safe during a blackout.

Power outages can be hazardous, especially when the night falls. When lights go out, your home is engulfed in darkness, and simple tasks like moving from one point to another can easily result in slips and unnecessary injuries. While you have electricity, put together the things you might need in an emergency kit and place it in a location accessible to everyone.

Another tip on how to prepare for a power outage is to disconnect your electronics and appliances to protect them from electrical surges or spikes that power outages may bring.

A portable generator is a great solution, especially if you live in a place where power outages are regular. This can provide a continuous power backup to keep your electronics and appliances running even after a power outage. Generators are especially important if you are reliant on any medical devices that need power to operate.

Keeping your fridge closed will help avoid spoiling food by keeping your refrigerator colder longer. If it is going to be an extended period before power returns, it may be worth taking out a few items that will go bad and putting them on ice in a separate cooler.

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