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If you’re buying or selling a home, you will most likely need an electrical inspection. We’ve all thrown the term around, but what exactly does such a process involve? During a home electrical inspection, an electrician will look at the essential elements of the home’s electrical system and then note any areas of concern in the inspection report.

A home electrical inspection checklist will include circuits, wires, outlets, service panels, and electric meters. The inspector will ensure that dedicated circuits for kitchen appliances are in place and that no other circuits are overloaded. They will check to confirm that wiring isn’t damaged or made of aluminum, and if the home has knob and tube wiring, they may recommend that it be updated. If an inspector sees a two-slot outlet – indicating the outlet isn’t grounded – they will likely suggest an upgrade to grounded outlets. They will also check outlets to ensure they’ve been installed correctly and that all are in working order.

The electrician will inspect the service panel to make sure all circuit breakers are securely in place, have no loose wires, and are the correct gauge for the breakers. They will also confirm that the wires are the correct gauge for the main breaker. The electrician’s final stop will most likely be to your electric meter, which they will inspect for signs of wear and tear, proper installation, and water seepage.

The Most Common Problems Found in Home Electrical Inspections
With such a long checklist, electricians almost always find issues to be addressed in their inspection reports. The most common problems we see that cause a house to “fail” a report are:
• Ungrounded (two-slot) outlets
• Double-tapped circuit breakers (a potential fire hazard)
• Exposed light bulbs in closets (as light source)
• To few outlets and too many extension cords
• Unfilled openings in electrical panel
• Malfunctioning ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets

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